This page will list all rules and guidelines for the server. Please check back frequently as rules may constantly change. For any additional questions please contact the admins and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Why join?


  • Respect the admins
  • Respect your fellow players
  • No duping
  • No traveling to the Nether unless otherwise specified.
  • Read the "Rules Wall" after entering the server and before leaving the spawn area.
  • The spawn area is a neutral zone, this means NO killing or attacking.
  • Do not wait outside the spawn area to kill any player.
  • Do not run to the spawn area to avoid being killed.
  • The spawn area should be used mainly for trades and recreational server use (treaty signings, meetings, etc.)
  • The honor system is used in our server, any players found breaking the rules will be harshly punished.
  • The game difficulty will always be set to normal.


  • There are _ main factions. The factions are as follows:
    • Main Factions
      • (To Be Named)
  • Each faction controls an overall area, often called their "home land" or "base".
  • Each faction member must wear one of the skins approved by the faction leader.
  • All land is fair game to destroy/loot unless specified (this does not include the spawn area)
  • If a server treaty is in effect, any violations will be dealt with immediately.
  • There are many small, or "pop-up", villages. These villages can be controlled by any of the factions.
  • A village is controlled by a faction once they have their city wall/colors up around the village.
  • Villages may be moved, but must be destroyed and relocated within 1 game day.
  • Villages may not be moved directly near the main base.
  • The only land that can be kept permanently is the "base" area.
  • The "base" for each faction is to remain immune to all attacks and looting (i.e., one cannot walk into the other factions base and steal everything and destroy it)
  • Certain scenarios will be set during gameplay as to where a faction will have to defend their base, which allows opposing factions to now attempt to loot.
  • All "pop-up" villages are fair game no matter which faction it is controlled by.
  • The war time will continue unless certain factions have agreed to a temporary treaty.
  • Invasion on another faction's land during a treaty is grounds for war. The opposing faction may attack until an agreement is made between the faction leaders.
  • Lone wolves are only allowed for one full week (not in game). They must then choose a faction to be with.


  • Each faction/player may only have a mine on their land.
  • Minerals that are visible without digging may be mined in open land.


Any breaking or bending of any sort of the servers rules will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

  • Bans
    • Temporary Bans
      • A player may be temporarily banned from a faction by the faction leader/admins
      • A player may be temporarily banned from the server by the admins
    • Permanent Bans
      • A player may be permanently banned from a faction by the leader/admins
      • A player may be permanently banned from the server by the admins
  • All bans can be appealed.
  • All bans will be brought in front of the admins and decided by majority vote (majority wins)
  • Admins word is law and is final on all ban decisions (excluding appeals)
  • Faction leaders/admins must have grounds on which to ban a player